Welcome to Our New Site!

We have worked hard at redesigning our look and our brand. Our goal is to share resources and activities to make every piano studio a vibrant and magical place. A place where teachers and students discover a love for music, develop well-rounded skills, stay driven and find delight in music.

Q & A Improv

Today I am sharing an awesome improv idea for you to use at your next lesson. This activity reinforces question and answer phrases in an easy, fun way for students. I like to start lessons with improv to loosen students up and get them making music right away. First,...

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The Case for Starting the Alphabet on A

Out of context, the title of this post may seem silly.  Why would we start the alphabet on any letter other than A?  But in piano pedagogy some older methods teach the music alphabet starting on C and I have encountered some transfer students who have learned the...

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2017 at 4D Piano Teaching

Welcome to 2017! Things have been slow around here at 4D recently, but we have big things planned for the year ahead!  We started this blog back in February of 2013, and it's hard to believe it's already been four years since then.  We've been through seasons of...

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