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We have worked hard at redesigning our look and our brand. Our goal is to share resources and activities to make every piano studio a vibrant and magical place. A place where teachers and students discover a love for music, develop well-rounded skills, stay driven and find delight in music.

Tuesday Teaching Tactic #4

Each Tuesday we bring you a quick Teaching Tactic that you can try in your teaching right away!  Today's idea is to cover your student's hands while they are sight-reading.  There are times when pianists definitely need to look at our hands.  But sometimes students...

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Game Roundup

As recital season rolls around, I've been reorganizing my games and office space. This made me think about all of the games we've shared over the past four years - we have so many neat ones that I use all the time! So today I wanted to do a quick game round up to...

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Tuesday Teaching Tactic #3

It's time for our third Teaching Tactic.  Each week we're bringing you a quick idea of something you can try in your lessons right away.  Today's idea is to have your student play the piano along to a drumbeat rhythmic accompaniment.  We talked about using these drums...

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Creating a Music Memory Map

It's recital season and that means memory time for most students!  My students memorize their recital pieces, unless they are playing a duet with me.  But sometimes they need a little bit of help solidifying their memory and getting the pieces totally recital ready!...

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