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We have worked hard at redesigning our look and our brand. Our goal is to share resources and activities to make every piano studio a vibrant and magical place. A place where teachers and students discover a love for music, develop well-rounded skills, stay driven and find delight in music.

Pizza Rhythms – Free printable flashcards and worksheet

Do you have students that struggle with eighth-note rhythms?  Through my years of teaching I've seen many students battle with counting eighth-notes correctly.  I don't think the concept of eighth-notes is actually that difficult, but I think that maybe with simpler...

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Profiles of Adult Piano Students

I first experienced the joy of teaching adult students as a graduate assistant during my Master's degree and was assigned to teach an evening "Piano for Pleasure" course.  From that first class, I learned how much I enjoy teaching adults who have chosen in their own...

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10 Tips for Transfer Students

With my move to Utah this year, I have a whole new set of piano students at the University I'm teaching at now. It's always a new challenge for me to have one transfer student, but this year I have had a bunch of transfer students all at once!  So many learning styles...

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Q & A Improv

Today I am sharing an awesome improv idea for you to use at your next lesson. This activity reinforces question and answer phrases in an easy, fun way for students. I like to start lessons with improv to loosen students up and get them making music right away. First,...

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