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We have worked hard at redesigning our look and our brand. Our goal is to share resources and activities to make every piano studio a vibrant and magical place. A place where teachers and students discover a love for music, develop well-rounded skills, stay driven and find delight in music.

The Value of a Pedagogy Degree

The value of higher education is a frequent hot-button topic in Facebook Piano Pedagogy forums.  Both sides have strong opinions on whether degrees in piano teaching are helpful or necessary.  Speaking from my personal experience, I'd like to offer the case for why I...

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Tuesday Teaching Tactic #20

Woohoo! We've reached #20 in our Tuesday Teaching Tactics. These short posts are meant to just give you a quick idea or reminder about something you can incorporate right away in your teaching. We have loved sharing our favorite tricks and thoughts with you each week....

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Tuesday Teaching Tactic #19

Another quick Tuesday Teaching Tactic today - can't believe we're already at #19! Today's tactic is "Just Imagine..." Now to use this one, you have to start out with this phrase and then create a story or a picture with your student. For example, I'm working on a Bach...

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Happiness in Teaching

Just a quick post today about a quote that has caught my attention recently. A quote about happiness as I am preparing for the new school year. When we look back at our assessments for the year, we look at progress - how well they played their scales & arpeggios,...

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