girl-140569_640My Favorite Composition Resources (Not in any specific order, I love all of these!)

Print Resources:

  • Piano Teacher’s Guide to Creative Composition, by Carol Klose?
  • Creative Composition Toolbox series (Levels 1 to 5), by Wynn-Anne Rossi
  • Pattern Play series by Forest Kinney (Check out our review of these great books.)


Web Resources:

  • Check out our Composition ideas that include games and ideas to send them home with their imagination working!
  • Jennifer Fink’s Composing and Improv resources at are amazing!
  • Susan Paradis’s Composing Worksheets are usually holiday oriented so I love using these at those special times throughout the year!
  • Wendy Steven’s at has tons of ideas organized into an Index of Composition Corner Posts.
  • Joy Morin at has many posts on the topic of Composition.


*One that I found while preparing this post that I need to research was “Teaching Music Through Composition: A Curriculum Using Technology” by Barbara Freedman. Looking into this book, I found that she’s geared towards music education in the classroom more than piano lessons but I wonder if the book has ideas that we could use for individual students too… Has anyone checked it out? I’d love to hear how you used it for your students.

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