LEDFingerLightsOur studio is back to regular lessons this week and we needed a new game for sight reading. So thanks to a cheap little find on Amazon.com of LED finger lights, we are starting off our lessons with some extremely fun sight reading. These lights fit on one finger with a band and since they are tiny, they don’t get in the way of finger movement if you put them high enough on your fingers.

So here’s the game we are playing this week. Each student will start with one light on one finger. When they finish a short sight reading card or example (depending on their level) with 2 mistakes or less, they will earn another light. Since I ordered 2 packs, each student can earn up to 8 lights! We’ll see who makes it that far today 🙂


I’m sure there are many other games ahead for my students and these nifty little lights. If you have any ideas, please share below in the comments! My students are going to love lessons this week because really, who doesn’t want to play with these lights?!


P.S. In case you want your own set, here’s the link on Amazon.com to these cool LED finger lights.

Author: Whitney

Whitney Hawker, NCTM, teaches group and private piano at Weber State University, Utah. She loves surprising students with the perfect piece or a new exciting game! After graduate school, she missed sharing ideas and resources daily with colleagues so she and her friend, Spring, began blogging together at 4DPianoTeaching.com