MemRepAs the new year begins, my students love setting new goals for themselves in piano. (See our post here for a printable to help with this activity). One of our favorite competitions within the studio has to do with memory. My students love to compete with each other for the most memorized pages each semester. We record their achievements in memory each week in simple charts in their binders or notebooks.  Students are always checking up on each other (and bragging a bit to each other) at group lessons.

Today I wanted to share two versions of our simple chart for you to use if you don’t already have something. There’s a big surprise I’m working on sharing sometime soon that goes with these… It’s something I’ve been planning and dreaming about for a few months but with a new baby just arriving, it’s taking me a bit more time than anticipated! But don’t worry, we’ll have something exciting and new here really soon. Till then, hope you like these simple charts to keep track of memorized repertoire in your studio!

Download: Memorized Repertoire Lists

Author: Whitney

Whitney Hawker, NCTM, teaches group and private piano at Weber State University, Utah. She loves surprising students with the perfect piece or a new exciting game! After graduate school, she missed sharing ideas and resources daily with colleagues so she and her friend, Spring, began blogging together at