rhythm bingo2

Since creating the first Rhythm Bingo Printable I have had a great time playing the game with my group classes.  The kids love playing bingo and it really challenges their listening skills.  It is also a quick enough game that it doesn’t eat up a lot of time.  We can play 2 or 3 short rounds pretty easily in a group class.  The rhythms I used in the first printable were pretty basic: quarter, half, and whole notes, and quarter rests.  I’ve been wanting a to give my older group classes a little bit more of a challenge so I created Level 2 of Rhythm Bingo.  Level 2 includes eighth notes and dotted-half notes in addition to the not values used in the first version.  I added a small 2 to the corner of each “draw card” to help avoid any possible mix-ups between the two versions.   Hopefully your group classes will love level 2 as much as mine have loved the first level!

Download your free printable with this link:

Rhythm Bingo Level 2

Author: Spring

Spring Seals, NCTM, teaches 60 piano students ranging from age 3 to 70 in Fort Worth, Texas. She also serves as the Director of Certification for TMTA. She is passionate about helping teachers become more effective in their studios through professional development, new resources, and fresh ideas.