It’s time for our third Teaching Tactic.  Each week we’re bringing you a quick idea of something you can try in your lessons right away.  Today’s idea is to have your student play the piano along to a drumbeat rhythmic accompaniment.  We talked about using these drums patterns as a background for clapping rhythms in this post, but have you ever tried having a student play along with it?  Playing with drums can be a lot more fun than  playing with a metronome, but accomplishes the same end result.

Use an app!

If you have a keyboard with rhythms, beats or styles in the studio, it’s easy to employ in piano lessons. However if you only have an acoustic piano in your studio, as I do, try using an app for a fun rhythmic accompaniment.  I use the app Super Metronome Groove Box.  Choose a drum beat that matches the style of the piece.  You can choose an acoustic sounding set for more Latin style pieces, or choose a full trap set for more of a rock feel.  Play the teacher accompaniment too to give the student a full ensemble playing experience!

Author: Spring

Spring Seals, NCTM, teaches 60 piano students ranging from age 3 to 70 in Fort Worth, Texas. She also serves as the Director of Certification for TMTA. She is passionate about helping teachers become more effective in their studios through professional development, new resources, and fresh ideas.